Essential Records

The financial success of a project is intrinsically linked to the quality of its records.


Sub-standard project records increase a Contractor’s exposure to claims and domestic variations whilst reducing its ability to recover any losses incurred.


Our Essential Records service ensures high quality records are maintained throughout the project. We provide single point responsibility for all our client’s record requirements, inclusive of:

  • All Notices to commence;
  • All follow up records of actual commencement;
  • All records of area hand over to Sub-Contractors;
  • All records of area hand over from Sub-Contractors;
  • All daily site diaries;
  • All weekly progress record drawings;
  • All weekly progress photographs;
  • All as-built programme records;
  • All site instructions; and
  • All weekly labour records.

Added Value

  • Increased quality and consistency of project records;
  • Increased loss recovery and reduced exposure to claims and domestic variations; and
  • Increased profitability.